Snowflake 2015/6 Puzzle Results!

First, let's recognize the best of the bunch: spvincent, 01010011111, actiasluna, smilingone, franse and BCAA!

Now let's take a look at the designs that caught our eye when we went through them earlier this week:
This design, via spvincent was selected by jflat06!

01010011111 created a design that caught the attention of Seth Cooper during our deliberations.

free_radical had a number of great words to say about actiasluna's design.

smilingone! This is the design of yours that got my attention and I called dibs on it pretty fast, in case you wanted to know. (inky's pick)

bkoep was fond of the design from franse, so he claimed that as a favorite.

We also have a student working with us decide this design from BCAA was his favorite.

That wraps it up for this challenge - but we really appreciate all the effort put into the designs and hope you enjoyed the extra challenges from this year's "Snowflakes, Revisted".

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What were your selection criteria?

Were some chosen for appearance, some for novelty, some for scoring well, and others for stability? I'd like to see a few lines from each selector about how they chose their favorites.

Congratulations to the winners!

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No set criteria

This blog post and the selection of "snowflake" designs was simply meant to be a light-hearted, fun activity. All selections were completely subjective.

Apart from these "snowflakes," we applied a more scientific examination of top-scoring and other Scientist-Shared solutions from Puzzle 1174, just as we do for any design puzzle.

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Nature, Science and Art together

Thanks for relaxing us from score from time to time. This is fun and it will stimulate our creativity.

Congratulations Designers !!

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This puzzle structures are

This puzzle structures are the real mind game.

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