New IRC Server!

Hey everyone!

Today we're deploying something that we've been working on behind the scenes recently - the new IRC server!

Our old IRC server was using unsupported and unmaintained software, which made it difficult to update when we needed new features or bug fixes.

You likely wont see much of a change with the new server, but here are a few things that will be different:

* If you want to connect to the new server with your own IRC client, you will need to connect to port 6665 instead of port 6667 on (We may switch this to the default 6667 at a later date).
* If you're using your own IRC client, you will need to repeat the process of configuring it to identify on the new server (adding your IRC key). You may have added your IRC key for the old server, but this is a new server, so you'll have to do it again.
* You will now only be able to join #global, #veteran, and your group channel.
* Group admins will automatically have oper privileges in their own groups (the group leader is able to flag who is and who isn't admin on the website).
* The server wont automatically ban you if you fail to identify before joining your group channel. As long as you identify, you should be able to rejoin immediately.
* The upgrades include an additional feature for downloading old puzzles. You can now download old puzzles just like you download recipes off the site. You need to be logged into chat in your Foldit client, and also logged into the website. When you are, there is a link on the Puzzle page, immediately above the comments section. Clicking that link will download the puzzle. (This will be enabled soon). Note that we don't officially support old puzzles, but if the puzzle is fairly recent, it should still work!
* The server and chat should be more reliable overall, barring some initial kinks that may have to be worked out.

What wont change:

* Behavior while using the Foldit client chat.
* You'll still IDENTIFY with NickServ as usual when using your own IRC client.
* You can still join #global and #veteran without identifying.

Any new clients that start up will connect to this server automatically, but you'll have to restart your old clients. It may take a while for everyone to restart and migrate to the new server.

Some of our players have already helped to test the new server, but there might be some bugs that we haven't found yet. Feel free to respond to this post if you notice anything that isn't working properly!

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ping timeout:120 seconds

I and it looks like quite a few other people are being disconnected every hour with this message. I set to auto reconnect which I didn't need to do on the old server.

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I've set the ping timeout to be 180, which was the value on the old server. Hopefully this fixes the issue.

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Ingame chat no longer works

As of this afternoon CET, the in-game chat no longer connects. After a very, very long time it times out.

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Thanks for the report!

I've passed it along to make sure it gets looked into.

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Tip for chadzilla IRC users

To change to the new server while preserving all your settings without having to set them again do the following:
- First find the map where Firefox stores it info, by clicking Help, Troubleshooting information. Click on show Folder. Remember of save that info.
- CLOSE chatzilla and Firefox
- Make a backup copy of the prefs javascript file of Firefox, this file is in the folder that you remembered or saved.
- Edit the jprefs file using notepad as follows:
Note: All changes are in lines containing extension.irc
Change into (this is the new url).
Add _6665 to all other places where form of the url (probably 128-95-1-227) is in that file. So 128-95-1-227 becomes 128-95-1-227_6665 everywhere.
Save the file and restart Firefox and Chatzilla.

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