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( Global Rank: #19 | Score: 39 | Members: 24 )

This group was started around when eteRNA came out. My goal was to open up a group for players who enjoy cooperating on puzzles, be it for foldit or eteRNA.

Please feel free to email me concerning anything, or to send a message to any of our admins: scottyler89, krulon, cbwest, wld333, or bertro.

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( Global Rank: #20 | Score: 38 | Members: 10 )

Welcome to the FoldIt classroom. This is where we learn how proteins behave.

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( Global Rank: #21 | Score: 34 | Members: 6 )

We make Foldit better.

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( Global Rank: #22 | Score: 33 | Members: 1 )

Let's just get our jobs done already.

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( Global Rank: #23 | Score: 30 | Members: 225 )

Welcome all from China mainland,TaiWan,HongKong,Macau. Welcome all Chinese all over the world.

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( Global Rank: #24 | Score: 26 | Members: 8 )

Demonstration of current techniques to bridge medical innovation with learning targets.

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( Global Rank: #25 | Score: 25 | Members: 43 )

Weltweit erster gemeinnütziger Verein für verteiltes Rechnen - Wiki, Forum, Chat und vieles mehr vorhanden. Schau vorbei und hab Spaß!

2005 wurde der gemeinnützige Verein e.V. mit Mitgliedern aus ganz Deutschland gegründet, um verteiltes Rechnen bekannter zu machen.

Wir erzählen Anderen in Radio und Zeitungen von DC. Wir beantworten Fragen zu DC und seinem wissenschaftlichen Hintergrund in Foren, per Mail und in unserem Chat. Die Veröffentlichung eines Buches ist geplant. Wir crunchen mit allem was uns zur Verfügung steht. Wir haben Spaß über DC, Wissenschaft und vieles mehr zu diskutieren, und treffen uns auch im Real Life. Mach mit, wir stehen jedem offen und machen bei so gut wie allen Projekten mit.

Ein kurzes deutschsprachiges Tutorial für kann man hier finden.

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( Global Rank: #26 | Score: 21 | Members: 2 )

We try to get back the Russell's teapot by releasing the llama from outer haven, unlike YOU.

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( Global Rank: #27 | Score: 17 | Members: 64 )

The idea here is to go through the Fold-it! tutorial puzzles to earn yourself some bonus points, but more than that, continue on your own afterwards and contribute to SCIENCE!

Importantly, it's not going to be worth your time to do this after exam I, therefore the due date will be at some point prior to that exam.

Have fun!


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( Global Rank: #29 | Score: 13 | Members: 9 )

Do our best and have fun... If you want to be part of the team, you are most welcome. If not, then thanks for visiting. Happy folding...

Aktív magyar játékosoknak különösen örülnénk...

Update (5/22/16) The group is temporarily suspended. If anybody wants to join and play here - feel free. (O Seki To)

Update (4/24/18) We are running again with minimal activity...

Update (11/27/19) Back to the top 10 :)

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( Global Rank: #30 | Score: 12 | Members: 9 )

We seek to unite all the Folders in this great southern land.

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( Global Rank: #32 | Score: 11 | Members: 22 )

Let's punch COVID-19 in its spiky little mouth (I'll give a more fleshed out mission statement in a few days). In the mean time, get going on those tutorials.

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( Global Rank: #32 | Score: 11 | Members: 26 )

Welcome to our CHEM 302/424 group page! This is new experience for all of us, so, be patient and have fun.

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( Global Rank: #34 | Score: 9 | Members: 5 )

You bend it, you bought it.

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( Global Rank: #34 | Score: 9 | Members: 22 )

Here you will conquer the ins and outs of protein folding!

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