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Vote#TitleStatusTypeSubmitterRepliesLast updatedsort icon
300-0Can you post some more puzzles for next week?ClosedSuggestion203/09 15:54, Wipf
600-0When a new client opens, have Global Chat & Veteran Chat display some recent postsClosedSuggestion607/13 16:24, joshmiller
300-0Which platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux) gives the best Foldit solutions?ClosedQuestion106/10 17:34, inkycatz
300-0Foldit wikiClosedSuggestion1107/08 15:51, inkycatz
500-0Comparing Revisit Puzzles with their Original PuzzlesClosedSuggestion107/01 17:37, inkycatz
600-0Chat windows disappearedClosedBug111/04 23:49, jeff101
500-0Let players designate some solutions to be automatically "shared with scientists" when a puzzle endsClosedSuggestion108/18 18:33, bkoep
100-0Do structures found soon after a puzzle expires still get analyzed by the Foldit team?ClosedQuestion402/07 22:43, AsDawnBr...
800-0Let tab button show more information.ClosedSuggestion1410/27 19:47, truestone
800-0Let users make bands invisible.ClosedSuggestion205/29 12:28, Crashgua...
500-0Recipe command for "Align Protein to Density"ClosedQuestion705/16 18:50, beta_helix
200-0Make your own past feedbacks easier to browse.ClosedSuggestion505/15 21:47, Rav3n_pl
500-0Let LUA and non-LUA recipes call each other.ClosedSuggestion205/15 12:33, spmm
500-0Do bands in Foldit behave like simple springs? ClosedQuestion305/15 12:32, spmm
600-0Award more points that encourage cooperation.ClosedSuggestion105/15 12:30, spmm

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