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Vote#TitleStatusTypeSubmittersort iconRepliesLast updated
700-0Can't access new puzzlesClosedBug106/15 11:05, beta_helix
300-0Recipes pageClosedBug605/27 17:16, kxu
300-0k2d2 laptop blue screen of deathClosedBug101/11 14:35, Anonymous
800-0iteration counterOpenBug1102/21 11:51, Crashgua...
100-101Trying to make a group...ClosedQuestion206/01 13:25, Rav3n_pl
500-0Threading tutorial puzzle does nto recognize scoreClosedBug406/16 16:31, Seth Cooper
800-0Run recipe in background option OpenSuggestion601/15 22:51, Timo van...
800-0Better puzzle organization OpenSuggestion107/17 10:55, jflat06
500-0"Fold Here" toolClosedSuggestion1009/07 23:19, steve7876
300-0Newbie ideasOpenSuggestion011/19 01:18, Anonymous
200-28Can't delete accountOpenBug906/21 12:00, LociOiling
500-0Progress and Iteration displayClosedSuggestion208/26 19:33, BootsMcGraw
300-0Lost soloist scores?ClosedBug307/17 16:56, jflat06
500-0Exit event for LUAClosedSuggestion707/19 01:17, Rav3n_pl
300-0Stop buttonOpenBug011/19 01:24, Anonymous
500-0Sheet Pleating toolClosedSuggestion502/17 16:58, Rav3n_pl
300-0ci sliderClosedSuggestion801/30 14:44, Seth Cooper
500-0Saving current protein to threading toolOpenSuggestion1202/10 11:03, infjamc
500-0Enable Logging of script outputClosedSuggestion105/31 09:04, Tlaloc
900-0670OpenBug302/07 09:49, brow42

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