Tracks and scripts

Started by Mike Cassidy

Mike Cassidy Lv 1

I think it would be convenient to be able to script tracks. After running various multi-start scripts it would be best that the scripts could save each developed alignment into a track rather the a QS spot.

brow42 Lv 1

I've wanted to ask for the same thing. But this means giving scripts access to the hard-drive, which is a little iffy. You could, just hypothetically, end up with a script filling up the hard drive (all 500 GB!). Making undeletable files(thanks bill gates, nice design there), let your imagination run wild, because a script can too.

On the other hand, if they could access a precreated track, that would be okay. Still not very convenient at all. And quicksaves are associated with the track so it would be hard to transfer the solution.

Timo van der Laan Lv 1

If you want to prevent the filling up, I could live with just the following functions:

  • gototrack(name)
  • createaligntrack() (creates if not exists allready a new track with name alignmentname returning that name)

Then multistartscripts can use the following pseudo-algoritm:

  • gotodefaulttrack
  • reset
  • name=createaligntrack()
  • gototrack(name)
  • dothework()
    until all alignments are done.

Extra advantage: the reporting of the results can be done on the alignment names.