track score on track list

Started by Tony Origami

Tony Origami Lv 1

It would be helpful if the track list menu could also show the best score for each track. This would help us find our good scoring solutions more easily if we have a lot of tracks.

infjamc Lv 1

Hope that this isn't asking for too much:

  1. Instead of listing just the best score, why not show the scores of all 6 relevant autosaves (very best + recent best + credit best for both soloist and evolver modes)?

  2. Even better would be adding the ability to preview a solution from another track before loading it.

lynnai Lv 1

I really like the simple best score for the track listed next to the name it can take forever to switch tracks on large puzzles and to find you grabbed the wrong one is deeply annoying.

I think adding a preview would just make things slower. :(