the newer rankings

Started by frood66

frood66 Lv 1

these have not worked on a player basis for some time….the group does at the moment.

If this method of ranking is going to be removed….then please remove it. Else can it be fixed? There is little point in it as it stands so far as I can see.

just saying.

BootsMcGraw Lv 1

I'm going to upvote this. It would be informative to see which types of puzzles the players are best at.

I'd like to recruit from the sizeable pool of good, independent players to join my team, and it would be helpful to know in advance where their skills lie.

frood66 Lv 1

still not fixed….please fix it or denegrate it…..I suggest kill the whole thing if it is not gonna be fixed. please don't waste our time if U at fc no longer want to support it. Please do not be rude to players ok? use it or lose it.

best wishes I have been here a long time - I do not want to see more stupid decisions

proove me wrong and make a decision guys


jeff101 Lv 1

It's Memorial Day weekend in the US (a 3-day weekend,
the unofficial beginning of Summer). Folks may be
doing things with their families this weekend.

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

This issue will be resolved with the new website, so thank you for your patience with this one!