Taking a fresh client

Started by frood66

frood66 Lv 1

Since the powers that be no longer allow me to discuss anything chat I have to post this here.
MAC has always suffered from large memory issues. This is well known.

Leave a mac client alone fore too long and the foldit client will go well over 1.5 GB…..this is bot good for play.

In the past we MAC users simply downloaded a fresh client and inserted our old ALL.macro file (so as to keep our scripts.

Auntdeen was a great help with this. She helped us all to 'clear' the mess that Foldit appears to create in our MAC machines.

Early on it was easy to do this…..copy all.macro to screen - push it in to new fresh client.

then we had to do this via documents folder (not obvious)

I'm sure there must be a way now - but I've not found it…….I bet it's horribly obvious.

Can someone tell me how?

My foldit app is now at over 1.6 GB…..this will always cause issues - and it does.


frood66 Lv 1

for some reason (after many attempts) this prob has now corrected itself. Weird. Tried to change the status to closed - not having it.