Symmetry dimer puzzles

Started by steveB

steveB Lv 1

I've just had a look at one of these and have the following suggestions

1) When a secondary structure is changed on the principal, can it be changed on all the other models also,as it is difficult to get a 3D fix on the other structures without these visual clues

2) Can you use standard foldit colouring for the principal, rather than the fluorescent colour scheme that is on the beta version - it makes the puzzle more difficult to visualise as the colour scheme is grabbing my attention, not the model.

3) I can imagine it would be quite easy to mislay the 'copies' of the primary off the screen if a recipe was run on these puzzles. Could the 'home' key be programmed to bring all the symmetrical models roughly back together again to avoid this problem ?

steveB Lv 1

I have just reloaded the puzzle, and noticed that the secondary structures are now duplicated across all models, but it does not happen in real time when the changes are being made.

spmm Lv 1

move tool in these (and other) puzzles blocks you from actually selecting some of the segments, in order to see what they are or to manually mutate them. Even if you spin around etc.

spmm Lv 1

apologies if I should be posting in another thread
in the dimer of dimers reducing the clashing importance - ie running Blue Fuse - causes odd behaviour in the clones, they all bunch together with the master, eventually spread out again as the CI increases. Not sure if this is optimal.

jeshyr Lv 1

I find the difference between the hydrophilic and hydrophobic side-chains in the symmetrical pieces to be very difficult to see. I understand that you want it to be obvious which part is to be worked on and which part is symmetrical but it's so subtle now that it takes me a significant amount of time to figure out what it means.

With regards to keeping track of the symmetry visually, when I am in "stub" mode for side chains I'd really like it if mousing over a side-chain in any copy (main or copy) would expand that side-chain in all the copies. This would help at least in one small case and I don't think it would add a significant computational load.