Side chains

Started by DisposableHeart

DisposableHeart Lv 1

In any situation any particular side chain may have a limited number of states. Using the mouse pull it is difficult many times to set the side chain in one certain state, even if it is allowed.

Currently there is no local menu assigned to side chains. It would be great to show the possible positions that are allowed and let the user choose one. It would be an extra if while hovering the options the preview of the result is displayed.

This is not a replacement to the current pull method, because minor pulls still could be done that way.

axcho Lv 1

It sounds like this is the same as what SystemicPlural suggested? I'll tally another vote for that feature. :)

xiando Lv 1

I am not in agreement with the idea that a rotations-menu should automatically pop up when a side chain is highlited. Were a key assigned to augment the mouseover, it's one thing, but it imo it is ergonomically intrusive and it unnecessarily clutters the screen to have undesired popups onscreen by proxy.

I do agree100% that it would be nice to have rotations indexed and available, just not a forced display.

(would also like the arrow key assigned to cause cyclic rotations…)

It would also be VERY nice and IMO, VERY useful to have a second augment key that causes display of side chain information during mouseover while in Pull Mode, ie, the info at present displayed only when in Note mode…

for instance  {OnMouseover AND CTRL  Show_SC_RotationMenu();}
                       {OnMouseover AND ALT      Show _SC_Info(SC(i));

Where CRTL and ALT are used for illustrative purposes only in the mock commands above

Rav3n_pl Lv 1

Side chain can be snapped by arrow keys, but some simple way of finding out how many total positions are and snap to one of them directly would be nice.