Share top puzzles globally just before expiry?

Started by Tony Origami

Tony Origami Lv 1

In the interests of everyone's development, what do people think about sharing the top puzzle with everyone shortly before expiry so that we can explore it with foldit rather than just looking at a screenshot?

I personally would be happy to do this if I was lucky enough to be high scoring.

Tony Origami Lv 1

I've just realised that this would probably interfere with the evo scores which makes it not such a good idea.

infjamc Lv 1

Re: Tony Origami

One possible way to save your idea is to amend it to something along the lines of "automatically generate a gallery puzzle containing X top-scoring solutions after a puzzle closes."

itskimo Lv 1

Make the open puzzles red or green lined. Then we can share and learn but the open solutions can not be used to score in the game.

Seth Cooper Staff Lv 1

Right, we can have some puzzles go into gallery phase for a bit after they close. We also previously had an all-hands phase where everyone could work on top solutions.