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after 3 months with Foldit i would like to make a couple of observations:-

clearly i am still here so i enjoy 'the game'.

my thoughts are principally with regard to the future of Foldit and therefore with regard to new players.

Firstly I must (as if it is needed) pay my respects to the extraordinary efforts of the few who unerringly and patiently give advice and welcome to newbies on a daily basis. Marie, Auntdean, Mike et al (in no particular order) - what a fantastic job they do!

However, not being in the younger age bracket, I do have a fair tolerance for glitches and bugs. It is my belief that many Newbies will not match me here. It seems a shame to me that the tireless efforts of the aforementioned are to some extent undermined by site failures.

These glitches send a negative message which can only be detrimental to new player membership in my view. I suggest that non-working options should either be removed until fixed or capitulated upon and forgotten. Either way Foldit would appear more professionally run.

I wish to comment on the 'Buddies' option:-

Evolution is clearly the more productive play - requiring both Solo and Evo players, both selfless and strategic. A strong team bond plays an important part in this. Buddies is an excellent tool within this environment. So it strikes me as strange that it has been 'out of sorts' for so long. Incidentally - what is exploration? It's never worked as far as i know. Any chance of fixing?

On the whole though - thanks for Foldit. And thanks for reading.

frood66 Lv 1

ahhhh - i forgot….
Since puzzle chat seems effectively unused - howabout a chat for newbies?

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I agree that various dysfunctional features would make the game less attractive and less helpful to play. However, we have to remember that this is a Beta version, and that there will almost always be bugs around, and features that don't work properly (if at all). The game's developers have to prioritise their workload towards fixing bugs in those things critical to mainstream gameplay, and either the most voted for features, or those that make the most sense to the developers, tend to be looked at only when there aren't so many critical bugs to be fixed. New players loosing patience is unavoidable in this regard, especially when they don't consider to contact the developers or moderators, in an attempt to get something fixed. This is what makes people like yourself all the more valuable, when they choose to strive onwards with the game and it's community, rather than simply giving up.

Also, it may not be so easy to simply remove a particular feature, if the developers still want the feature to be kept in the game, but will work on it at a later date; or if it has been embedded into the code so much, that it would take some considerable time to remove it, without breaking something else in the game at the same time.

In regards to your comment on the Exploration feature, I have already commented on this myself at the end of the following Feedback item:

Constraints & the Contact Map

Also, there has already been some discussion on changing the chat boxes, as can be seen in this feedback item:

Make Puzzle Chat into Global Chat Channel