Please have option for actions tab in upper right docked

Started by shiningstar1

shiningstar1 Lv 1

I love Foldit and I want to solve every protein folding problem.
To facilitate absolute speed I don't want to have to think
about the tools when I use them so I need them to accessible
as fast as possible which means reducing the distance that
I move the mouse cursor. So please add an option so I
can dock the ACTIONS buttons in the upper right
of the screen while I'm in the process of folding a protein.
It would make it faster, cleaner and I wouldn't have to
continually turn it on saving me time which I would rather
spend folding.


alwen Lv 1

I hardly ever open the Actions Menu, because the actions I use most have Hotkeys:

Shake - S
Wiggle - W
Mutate - M
Toggle Freeze/Unfreeze all - F
Enable/Disable all bands - D
Delete all bands - R

There are a lot more, and you can find a longer list by clicking the Help ? in the Action menu.