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Started by frood66

frood66 Lv 1

I had nothing better to do - I checked out my player page.

So why is it that 'evolved' and 'teamwork' are greyed out? I know I have evolved many solutions - I know I have shared more solutions than many. So why are they greyed out? indeed - these greyed out ones also show a number - so again, why greyed out?

Just interested to know - and I know they cannot be tied to a previous group - unless not being in a previous group not only destroys history but prevents current achievement acknowledgement also.

I'm just interested - from a gaming point of view.


bkoep Staff Lv 1

Sorry for the delayed reply!

Thanks for pointing this out, frood66! I looked into this a little bit and found the problem. This should be fixed the next time we update the website (in the next week or so?), so if you've evolved or shared any solutions these achievements will be properly shown on your profile page.