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Started by karstenw

karstenw Lv 1

I'd like the band strength window to be click and drag, but since that's a no- go, how about if we could get two of those gray bars for output window. it would be good if we could change the height and width because some of the info gets cut off.
thank you.

jeff101 Lv 1

It would also be nice if we could change the font in the Recipe Output window.
Right now, the font is not fixed-width, so even if you count characters
to make your output line up neatly, the font being used will prevent it.

If there is already a way to change the font, height, or width
of the Recipe Output window, please let me know what it is.


jeff101 Lv 1

I looked in some options.txt and theme.txt files but didn't find controls
for the height or width of the Recipe Output window. I think they would
look like the following from options.txt:

 "behavior_options/h" : "188"
 "behavior_options/w" : "270"
 "cookbook/h" : "231"
 "cookbook/w" : "231"
 "gui/desired_window_height" : "900"
 "gui/desired_window_width" : "1150"
 "menu/h" : "109"
 "menu/w" : "881"
 "social/h" : "109"
 "social/w" : "151"
 "tracks/h" : "275"
 "tracks/w" : "250"
 "undo/h" : "229"
 "undo/w" : "808"
 "view_options/h" : "708"
 "view_options/w" : "555"

theme.txt seems to control the colors used for many things.

I also looked in the newest cmp-resources folder and found
the folder resources/fonts there to contain Arial, CourierNew,
and several other fonts. I believe CourierNew is a fixed-width
font. Is there a way to tell Foldit to use the CourierNew font
in the Recipe Output window? Perhaps copying the CourierNew file
and giving the copied file the name of the font the Recipe Output
is using now would work.

jeff101 Lv 1

Is it possible to change the height or width
of the Segment Information windows that appear
when you Tab on a residue? This would also be

jeff101 Lv 1

I was able to change many of Foldit's fonts (including the Recipe Output's font)
to CourierNew as follows:

I quit my Foldit client, went into its cmp-resources*/resources/fonts folder,
renamed Arial to Arial0, copied CourierNew to Arial, and then restarted the
Foldit client. So far, things seem to work like normal, but many fonts are
now CourierNew. The fonts aren't as sharp or bright as they were before the
change, and in many places the fonts are now wider than I would like, but
the Recipe Output's font now has a fixed-width!

jeff101 Lv 1

shows my rank 39 solo from puzzle 1104 with the Arial font changed to CourierNew as described above.