newbies and making them stick around...

Started by Nicky666

Nicky666 Lv 1

As far as I know, any newbie finishing the tutorial puzzles, gets an automatic link to the uppermost puzzle, instead of being directed to the puzzle menu.

There are two problems with that:

  1. The uppermost puzzle has been a gallery puzzle for ages….so they get directed to a puzzle that doesn't DO anything when it comes to scoring.

  2. There is no explanation on the whole scoring thing on real puzzles whatsoever. Maybe The last link after the tutorials should be an explanation to direct them to <15 puzzles, and then show them the real puzzle menu.

Just some suggestions…although I really think the first point should be addressed soon. The tutorial puzzles are good imo, but it doesn't prevent new puzzlers from being thrown into the deep end of the pool when they finally go for a real puzzle….directing them to a gallery puzzle makes it even deeper than it has to be :)

Susanne Lv 1

I translated the intro puzzles for the German Wiki and found it necessary to lead them in the right direction with an explanation what the gallery puzzle is intended for and then give guidance as to how to compete with the rest of us on the current puzzles.

aloofmonkey Lv 1

I completely agree that your first suggestion should be sorted soon. We'll try to get that fixed. As for explaining the scoring, we're working on that :p.

As I mentioned to Nicky666, we're trying to improve our existing explanations of the scoring. Thanks for pointing this out though. Helps show us where we should concentrate our efforts.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

admin Staff Lv 1

As to 1: Gallery puzzles now need a checkbox to be shown, so that problem ought to be fixed.

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

hopefully the beginner (<150) puzzles that we have up have addressed this problem… feel free to reopen this if you don't agree

UglaBob Lv 1

I'm working my way through the tutorials right now and the dialog box in the upper right corner saying "repeat guide" seriously annoys me - to the point that I am almost uninstalling. Why? Because it can't be removed, which is a very unconventional use of dialog boxes. If this option needs to be visible all the time, make it into a button instead of dialog.