New Class of Puzzles: No Scripts allowed.

Started by TheGUmmer

TheGUmmer Lv 1

Would it be possible to have a class of puzzles where scripts are not allowed. Don't get me wrong I like scripts and owe the majority of my ranking to them, but it seems that Foldit has become more about the scripts and less about the human ability to see what a computer can't. Just a thought.

GaryForbis Lv 1

Scriptless puzzles would certainly change the complextion of the game.
Scriptless puzzles would take lots of time to work, especially for most of us.

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

This is an interesting idea.
We have been discussing similar ideas (disabling scripts for a certain period in a puzzle for example) and we'll keep you posted if we decide to try that out!

Mark- Lv 1

Although I would love to see some of these puzzles, I do feel that it may disadvantage players that have little free time to spend endless hours manually rebuilding and tweaking a puzzle. On the other hand, if everyone were to just run endless scripts on puzzles, where does the 'human element' come into the folding equation? Why are we here..? Is the answer really 42..? Sorry, I digresss.

I would happily participate in some 'script-free' contests, but that would disadvantge the people who play them? After all, they would have to spend those endless hours on point, and ranking, free contests.

Maybe the answer would be a different class of puzzles, running alongside the normal puzzles, that would have a different ranking and points table, separate from the others. They would also also provide some useful comparisons between the two groups of solutions.


mat747 Lv 1

I agree with rav3n_pl and Mark try it as a Contest first.
The idea of having to play without scripts AGAIN very unappealing, with the endless endless hours of manual play.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

How about releasing a puzzle with no scripts allowed first, and when it is over, releasing it again with puzzles allowed, playable for the same time.

This would give a possibility to compare how far recipes pull a solution further.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

Of course, I wouldn't try this on big puzzles, where manual manipulation takes a lot of time (puzzles with many mutable sidechains, for example).

GaryForbis Lv 1

Many of the scripts don't work well on small proteins. Still, that makes small proteins a good class to work on for comparison. It could help develop better scripts as well. Getting baseline comparisons would have to involve the same puzzles with and without scripts. It seems to me this is being done all the time right now. The best players tend to the top on all puzzles. I suspect they use a mix of personal actions and scripts. The scripts they use are an extention of their personal actions and the human input. The humans are to the scripts as drivers are to cars. Sure different people have different cars and this gives them an advantage in a race but so does driving skill.