New achievement ideas

Started by mbinfield

mbinfield Lv 1

I thought of two ideas for new achievements in the same vein as "The Write Stuff" or "Chat Noir" (related to the game but not directly from the game. Both of these are intended to introduce incentives directly aligned with the goals of the foldit project, and to provide feedback to players on the impact of their work.

First would be an achievement for contributing to a solution (either as a soloist or evolver) that was submitted as a prediction to CASP. That would be a cool bit of feedback on how our work feeds into real science. It would also promote diversity, since the predictions submitted are the highest-scoring model from each cluster. So, it would slightly encourage players to work on alternative models that might be the best example of the fourth- or fifth-best prediction clusters, rather than refining to death their best-scoring model. Time permitting, this achievement could be available in multiple grades based on how many CASP predictions a player contributed to (1, 10, 25 or something like that) or could be awarded for each CASP iteration (making CASP 10 and CASP 11 would be separate achievements.)

Second, it would be good to have an achievement for contributing to a design solution that is synthesized in lab. This would give players a slight extra encouragement to consider the original goal in addition to the raw score. It would especially encourage creativity in freestyle puzzles, where certain structures (like a giant sheet) will predictably get good scores but aren't very interesting.

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

Personally, I would like to know which player has been at the level of retiredmichael or galaxie in old times. I find a little bit disappointing seeing excellent players with current low evo and solo rank after their name, just because they do not play regularly anymore. Remember that we decided to fix the score of Auntdean as a nice memorial in addition to the candel. What about the following suggested new ultimate achievement:

-World Champion (achieved top 1 soloist).

I find it so difficult to be top one that it would be a kind of "gold" remembering for old players and an ultimate incentive for present hot players to keep hard working on the top.

Then, a kind of cup is definitively added next to your name (like we see for the foldit team windows group) forever. A little bit like we remember the old World Champions of the times.

I think the challenge is difficult enough (with the present ranking system, you need at least one year folding I think). In case there would be more or less players during different periods of time, we could add additional conditions like "on a minimum of 200 players >150 pts".

Or would it make us even more addict?

jeff101 Lv 1

I was thinking along the same lines. Since each player's Global Soloist Rank and Score will rise or fall depending on how often they have played in the last few months, it might be good to record separately each player's best Global Soloist Rank and Score so far. I suppose you could do this for every Category of scoring too. Then you could compare different generations of players more easily (like Wilt Chamberlain vs Magic Johnson vs Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James).

jeff101 Lv 1

You could make new achievements beyond Master Soloist and Master Evolver that require more puzzle scores in the top 5 or top 1, for example.

spmm Lv 1

It would be good, when the actual CASP results come in, for groups and individuals to be given an achievement award, based on the CASP results, I think Timo would have one for CASP 10.

jeff101 Lv 1

Below are two Achievements that might be useful
for players in groups:

(1) Record how many times a player shared a solo
that was evolved to become the top-scoring
solution for their group.

(2) Record how many times a player was one of
the evolvers on a solution that became the
top-scoring solution for their group.

As an example, say the top-scoring solution
for a group came from player A's solo, which
was then evolved by players B then C then D.
Player A would get credit for this in
(1) above, and players B C and D would
get credit for this in (2) above.