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Started by spmm

spmm Lv 1

On 'my page' there are 5 puzzles shown in the soloist scores which means that nowadays you have to click to see all of the current puzzles you are playing, if we are going to be playing more puzzles can this be increased to ten or more (same for evolver scores) - or preferably show all open puzzles so you can see how many there are and which ones you are playing. This will significantly speedup status checking and planning.

It would be great to see the current rank next to the score - the only way you can see that now for all open puzzles is to open a client which is often not possible. I appreciate that the puzzle rank list should be definitive, not the player page, sometimes we have to use the website to get our scores when the client boards stop working.

The time stamp next to the open puzzle soloist list item is just a clock - it doesn't tell you if you have crashed - ie stopped playing at a certain time - I don't find it very useful, I would find the puzzle expiry date and time useful. Last played is only correct when it is yesterday or longer, Knowing when a client had crashed on a remote machine is a nice to have.

Once we move to more puzzles, getting a one line snapshot of all open puzzles, which ones I have a rank on, what the rank is, what the score is and when they are due to expire (ideally in my time zone but I can live with GMT or UTC, or even better days and hours left before expiry) will be very useful.

auntdeen Lv 1

I completely agree with this.

For those who aren't aware (and I wasn't until recently), in the meantime, you can get a quick look at your rankings on any puzzle by opening the Social tab within a client (even if a script is running), and go to Buddies. That gives a complete list of the puzzles available to you and your current rank, but no expiration times, etc.

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

Thanks for this tip !

When I started Foldit, I did not see the use of this Social tab. I never opened it again.
Now I see an utility of this. Thanks.

Nevertheless, I completely agree with the proposal. Bump.