Make Solution Voting Puzzles with submitted CASP9 Foldit-models

Started by Madde

Madde Lv 1

Make Solution Voting Puzzles with submitted CASP9 Foldit-models.
There are still many CASP9 targets whose structures are still not in the PDB. Let's use this to test our skills in the field of Model Quality Assessment.

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

Madde, this is a great idea and we will try to implement this soon!

Your idea was so good that we don't want to miss the opportunity to try using different starting models before the native structures get released for these last CASP9 targets.

We will try to revisit a bunch of these targets before the solutions are released to the PDB:

Thanks for the great suggestion!

In regards to Model Quality Assessment, last time we did the Solution Voting Puzzles we did not let players see the Foldit score (for fear that the highest scoring model would get all the votes).
Do you think that was a bad idea and you need the Foldit score to make a decision or should we leave it out?

Madde Lv 1

I think it was a good idea not to show the Foldit score. The different view options (voids, bonds, show sidechains with clashes or exposeds, isosurface,…) should be sufficient to assess models.

Maybe this time you could let us vote not only for the best but also for the worst model.