Fixing disconnected client problems

Started by Timo van der Laan

Timo van der Laan Lv 1

This weekend I had 4 clients where the scores did not update anymore and closing those clients or sharing a solution from those caused a hang. BTW, the connection button was still on, telling the connection was there.
Why not implement the following:

  • if a client (on an active puzzle) has not received score updates during a certain timeframe, close and try to reopen the connection.
    Give a message in the window where announcements are made if the connection making failes to get a response. (But keep trying every 5 minutes)
  • when sharing a solution does not give a response within 30 seconds, give a message trying to reconnect.
    30 seconds later if still not connected, give up to try to connect and return control to the player.
  • same when closing a puzzle or changing tracks except that the requested action is still taken, maybe with an extra question when closing.

Hope these suggestions will be implemented.

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

It's related to this discussion:

This is really the most boring I personally experiment in foldit, since I have many internet disconnections. I loose a lot of time trying to reconnect manually (save, close, opening new client in order to reconnect).

So, for me, any "automatic" improvement would be great !