Feedback pages - tabs and lists

Started by spmm

spmm Lv 1

I am not sure how difficult it would be, but may I suggest that as the posts are classified:

General, biochem, Crash/Hang, Developer preview, Game:display, other, social, tools and server preview,

that it may be useful to provide tabs for those classifications. Also I suggest a classification for 'code' or recipes be added. It may be worth reconsidering the categories.

The status choices are: Open, Closed, Resolved, Waiting, Ongoing, Duplicate, Noted, Rejected and Done.

I suggest that the lists generated from those tabs should also be filtered to only show: open, waiting, ongoing and noted posts in the first page. Maybe the status could be reexamined and links provided to filtered lists for each status as well.

The types are Bug, Feature, Copyedit, Suggestion, Question. Links to filtered lists of these would be useful certainly for checking that bugs and other things hadn't been reported before.