Don't award zero points

Started by Tony Origami

Tony Origami Lv 1

I know some puzzles are faulty but I don't think you should award zero points. Why should registering for a puzzle and doing nothing score 1 point and yet hours of effort on a faulty puzzle score nothing?

tristanlbailey Lv 1

If you are referring to the symmetry puzzle, that puzzle was taken down due to some bugs that were discovered in it. The devs will likely put the puzzle back up, when the bugs are fixed, so it won't exactly be a missed opportunity for scoring global points. The unfortunate side effect to removing puzzles that are faulty, is that all folders involved will have their puzzle scores reset. This is to prevent unfair scoring advantages to folders that had either intentionally or unintentionally exploited the bugs.

I, for one, did not attempt the puzzle, after hearing about the presence bugs, as I suspected that the devs would probably either take the puzzle down, and/or zero all scores of folders who participated in it. I was lucky not to have wasted any time, in this regard, but conversely would have missed the opportunity to score global points if they had decided to award those that participated, with global points. So, you have to look at it from other people's view points, too.

Tony Origami Lv 1

There have been 3 puzzles in the last 2 months which scored zero. I am not talking about awarding full points or even many, but it does seem aberrant to award none at all.

Personally I don't care about points and I am just as happy with the beta puzzles which don't score at all. Ranking is another thing. I would like to be number one - it just isn't happening.

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

Tony, which previous puzzles are you referring to?
The electron Density puzzles that had to be closed (and awarded 0 points) were all reposted recently with points awarded and hopefully the same will be true for this symmetry puzzle.

We really do apologize for this, that is why we post these puzzles first in the Developer Preview to avoid this problem but sadly these bugs weren't caught until enough people played these puzzles.
Unfortunately you caught us at a time where we are introducing many new (and somewhat complicated) features into Foldit: Electron Density, Exploration Puzzles, Symmetry… so it is unavoidable that there will be bugs to iron out.
We do hope these bugs are worth going through and that these new features will prove to be exciting and useful in the long run.

Again, we apologize and thank you for your patience.

Tony Origami Lv 1

Puzzles 479, 458b and 458 have all scored zero. They may well have been reposted and later scored some points but it would look better on the score sheet if say 2 points were allocated instead of zero. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter but since it is all meaningless, lets have meaningless with points rather than without.

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

I understand your point.

The 458 puzzles were all closed and replaced by 458c (which allowed you to load in any previous solution for 458 or 458b):

The reason we defaulted to assigning 0 points on puzzles that close early is because people complained that they didn't even get a chance to play a puzzle before it closed (so it wasn't fair since they weren't able to get any points, while others did simply by opening the puzzle)

Due to THAT complaint, this is the protocol we decided to go with:

If you are talking about this from an aesthetic point of view then how about this suggestion: Once we repost a puzzle that was closed prematurely, we simply delete the old puzzle that had 0 points? Does that sound good?