Design puzzles and insert and delete segment.

Started by viosca

viosca Lv 1

Unless there is a specific reason, it would be nice if the design puzzles had insert and delete segment enabled. when working on large designs, sometimes late in the game you discover that you should have an extra segment in a loop or SS.

It's a real time consumer and problematic to have to shuffle it all around after the fact.


Timo van der Laan Lv 1

A Workaround:
Suppose you want to remove segment number Y and add it on position X.
Then change almost all segments between Y and X to a sheet, making sure you have enough loop segments at both ends. Select in selection interface everything from Y to X and shift the sheet in the direction of X.
(Use cuts if needed).

Then execute the following script (V2) if X > Y:
for i=Y,X-1 do structure.SetAminoAcid(i,structure.GetAminoAcid(i+1)) end

or if Y > X
for i=Y,X+1,-1 do structure.SetAminoAcid(i,structure.GetAminoAcid(i-1)) end

Hope this helps.