Define Foldit as a Developers' TOOL, not a game and stop using the word ' game ' in context with Foldit.

Started by Hanto

Hanto Lv 1

We know what happens to prioritizing Beta, there have been far to many GUI suggestions that have not made to the program. Most of them fairly easy to include with almost no troubleshooting required. Wonder what ever happened to them??? Instead this ' game ' gets treated as developer's own personal voltmeter taking measurements he/she can include in some published paper.

If I had known ahead of time that tamirh was leaving, you can be assured there would have been at least one more GUI suggestion re-submitted, as I can't find the original submission.

No, I'm not angry, but purely disappointed, far to much work and effort went into the filters' problems, and none into creating a better client.

I don't blame this on tamirh, but I do blame it on someones' method of prioritizing.

More interest needs to be displayed by devs to make this TOOL into a mainline program, instead of the beta it now exists and seems destined to remain as.

More time needs to be taken with devprev releases so these many bugs do not show up in the ' main ' releases.

I'm speaking my mind right now, and kinda glad tamirh isn't here to see it, as he didn't deserve this as a send-off, but now that he's gone, something positive needs to be done for the community and it needs to be continued, not abruptly halted for the sake of some new filter.

BTW, Murlow and others, keep bumping the ' deleting tracks ' thread. I'm from Missouri and I want to see proof of decent prioritization.

marie_s Lv 1

For me it is a game with a purpose.
A game so if a puzzle has too much bugs, I don't play it after put a feedback and do another one or a contest or Phylo or read a book.
with purpose, so I understand that filters is very important to find realistic solutions and doesn't mind if I cannot delete tracks.

jflat06 Staff Lv 1

Our priority is working towards the advancement of science. Sometimes this is introducing new elements to puzzles, such as filters. Other times it is refining the client to be more usable.

We introduced filters because there were fundamental issues with the structures that players were producing. Refining the client would do nothing to alleviate that problem. So our priority at the time focused on getting a set of working filters - and that succeeded. Players started creating realistic structures.

The problem then became that while these filters produced good results, they were difficult for you guys to work with. So our new priority became trying to capture what these filters were doing in a more usable way. This was based on feedback from players.

Our group meets weekly to determine priorities. Our meetings include scientists who analyze results and pose scientific problems, developers who are on the ground level and can provide input on implementation costs, and our community manager who investigates and presents player feedback on the state of the game.

Sometimes the developers' priorities are not the scientists priorities. Sometimes the players' priorities are not the developers' priorities. This is why we have our meetings and establish our priorities as a group. I firmly believe this is the correct way for us to determine our priorities.

As for deleting tracks, this is something that will likely be added eventually. In the meantime, if you really wish to remove a track, you can do so manually by removing the directory FOLDIT/puzzles/PUZZLE_ID/PLAYER_ID/trackname.