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frood66 Lv 1

nearly all the recent puzzles have required mutation…ok….if that is what FC wants

But really? all players here rely on scripts for this.

So we run them….what human input? prob not a lot.

I thought the point of this game was to show that humans can do better than algorithms…..but we are forced to use the latter……where are u guys going with this? Do u simply ant to use machine power from players? this is exactly what I c……shame on u FC.

Come back and explain….give all here an explanation….what U want….what U R trying to do.

This may be strange to U…..but I bet many players will work with U if U simply explain what U R doing.

And if U cannot - then I think U have a prob.

just a personal view from someone who has been here for 10 years

There are few in FC that can claim that

Just thought I would say….since many have made these points and feel the same way.

All the best. and thx for reading


Nicm25 Lv 1

Hi, frood66
It is a little strange for me to write here, but …
my take on the recent puzzle is that it
they suggest that we develop a protein armor to fight the enemy protein.
prediction puzzles are fun, but I think he had other priorities than those needs.

what I think is that there is a better algorithm in humans for solving the binder puzzles.
I think people are doing a good job, and think the work of the objective BUNs is a little strange.
just a slightly different pose forces unpredictable hydrogen bonds that increase and disappear.
even when I come up with a really good design, I think of it as requiring me to bond with a deep place in the target.
so I tell myself, "I don't want to become a perpetual motion machine for randomly blinking BUNs in binder puzzles."
I'm also bored with the task of finding a good score, regardless of script use, and keep trying in wide open spaces.
in my case, due to my own policy, instead of use scripts, I spent 6 hours per day try to folding manually in a single thread.
for fast folding?
it can be solved that way by turning off the object and toggling it when the design is fixed, even if the evaluation is even slower.
but improving the function to evaluate BUNs rigorously is something I would ask for, but wouldn't pass because of the complexity and depth of Rosetta.
so I've fallen into the trap of thinking that puzzles forces me to use scripting in order to suggest a lot of designs that I can't realistically believe…..

thank you for reading