Could you add the ability to make selections to the original interface?

Started by CheezWhiz

CheezWhiz Lv 1

Until now I have been only been using the original interface. I like it because it's compact and I have a limited amount of screen space available. I've been getting by without having to make selections until now, but with the advent of the re-mix tool it seems that the ability to selections is now a necessity. Or, maybe the ability to make selections in the original menu is already there and I'm just unaware how do it?

I tried to switch to the selection interface, but I find that the menu buttons are huge, menus overlap, nothing is re-sizable, and certain functions such as a global mutate "M" seem to be missing.

Additionally, I think it would be a great improvement to Foldit if both the windows and text in both interfaces was scalable, even if only as a entry in the "options.txt" or "theme.txt" files. I find the text size too large in general. I've included a screenshot of my display which has a resolution 1366x768 pixels.

AsDawnBreaks Lv 1

Maybe GUI mode and UI type (selection or normal) should be separate? Or maybe a shrunken version in selection (the big buttons has been an annoyance to quite a few for a while, if I remember correctly).

Just so you know, some hotkeys change. For example, in selection, global mutate is y, not m. M is for mutating to a residue. This is because in selection, there are no separate modes, just tools, unlike in the original where you have pull, design, structure, and notes.

Perhaps a meld of the two interfaces as another option?

brow42 Lv 1

This may be unique to me, but I make scripts work for both selection and original interface by looking for user selection OR frozen. These script become confused because cancelled scripts usually leave a selection on the protein, and I have to run a short script or switch modes to clear it.

It would also allow people who don't normally use selection interface to use scripts that used selection.

There seems to be something like this already: In note mode, if you click on segments, the color changes as if you were changing the selection. But it doesn't really do this. What does this do? Maybe this could be made into the requested selection toggle?

CheezWhiz Lv 1

@AsDawnBreaks: "For example, in selection, global mutate is y, not m. M is for mutating to a residue."
Thank you for the info on that command, I couldn't find it anywhere. Additionally, it's not listed on the in-game help page.

@brow42: I agree. I have been confounded in the past when a script asks me to make a selection. I didn't realize that I had to completely switch user interfaces to have these features available to me. Funny, but I have also tried to make a selection using the "Note Mode", but that never works as the highlighted segments go away when switching back to "Pull Mode", "Structure Mode", or "Design Mode".

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

In original interface, I freeze 2 limits of my selection, then with ctrl, I can select (local) wiggle etc.
I would prefer to have something like a selection key also on original interface AND the same shortcuts in both …

AsDawnBreaks Lv 1

Glad to help. The lack of documentation in the selection interface has been mentioned if I recall correctly. Something that should be fixed…