Color: more rainbow variants

Started by Morus

Morus Lv 1

Many solutions are presentated in the color "rainbow" to give a better overview about the complete structure. In these Pictures, Details are often hard to recognize. Especially where sidechains or their stubs are shown, their color is the same as the color of the backbone, working irritates.
More detailed information could be presented, if the color of the sidechains and the color of the score are shown together with rainbow-colors.


a) a colormode like "rainbow/hydro", e. g. attachment "rainbowhydro.png"

b) a colormode like "rainbow/score", e. g. attachment "rainbowscale.png"

In "rainbowscale.png" just one border is colored in score-color-mode.

Susume Lv 1

Bumping to request rainbow/hydro view again - it would really help with the current ED, where keeping track of strand order and orange in/blue out simultaneously is important.