client issues

Started by frood66

frood66 Lv 1

a number of players are experiencing the following issues…….

  1. extended time trying to create a client
  2. difficulty in keeping a client running…..regular crashes
  3. difficulty in accessing chat and sending messages

this is getting worse and started a few weeks ago.

jeff101 Lv 1

<pre>I've been disconnected many times from built-in Chat lately. This is an important bug to fix, especially for new players who will come in and wonder why so few people are on Chat.

Regarding crashes, one thing that fixed them for me was to
change the Undo Graph Properties so the Max Graph Length
was 50 & the RAM Usage was 100% on one client and
25 & 25% on another client.</pre></code>

jausmh Lv 1


any recipe doing a cut & close cut is crashing the client - it just disappears leaving nothing in its wake. No information is written to the logfile. This issue does not always occur, but the cut&wiggle recipes never run through.

latest puzzle where this could be observed was puzzle 2000 and before that its predecessor 1998.

My Configuration:

Windows 10 x64 Version 2004 (installed on 7.1.2021)
Build: 19041208
AMD Ryzon 9 4900H Processor with Radeon Graphics 3.30GHz
16.0 GB RAM

version binary: 2a34af2d79524a8364976b055f001417
version database: fb137240c5d3860cd3853cc25565f8fc
version resources: 3d90fb93469d2ed575c5a7eb29dde1a4

running on update_group "main".

I had the same problem on my old laptop as well. Also running Windows 10 x64, but at an older release. That one had a Intel onboard Graphics Chip.

With kind regards,
Sven (jausmh)