client issues

Started by frood66

frood66 Lv 1

on the 23rd Inst we experienced clients crashing unexpectedly - usually within about 7 mins of opening. Jausmhpoated a feedback a day later - the issue resolved within minutes. This was slightly weird.

from this morning here (at least). GMT 08:00. my clients ran slow….many spinning wheels of death. I shut down and rebooted…no change. I still have the same issue whilst running just 1 client. (not the trimer as I thought this might be the cause) apparently not.

I am now running Tie2 binder on just one client…the response is very poor indeed.

What can I do but post this…many reboots has not helped….no other apps are being run.

Thx for looking into this

frood66 Lv 1

this is madness- please sort it… real point in being here now…the single client I have running is a complete joke.

sad but true. :(