Casp puzzles should clearly show structure name somewhere other than a brief flash as it opens.

Started by smilingone

smilingone Lv 1

Is there a way to see what structure one is working on with the casp puzzles? I'd love to see it listed somewhere other than the short flash upon opening.

All of those quarks and zangs or whatever they are called should be listed.

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

would it be useful to add it to the Notes?
so if you clicked on any part of the protein and brought up the notes it would list that structure's name?

Susume Lv 1

Putting it in Notes would be great. Checking the Alignment tool can be misleading - if you reset puzzle to start #3, for example, then restore very best, the alignment tool will continue to show start # 3 even if very best on that track was from a different start.

smilingone Lv 1

Yes, please put it in the notes if you are unable to have it clearly showing in the working client. The current system needs some improvement.

RabidNimravid Lv 1

Yes! That would be perfect. I also had the same issue with a wrong model number showing in the alignment tool when I loaded a previous solution from a different puzzle number.

Hanto_FZ140E_4G Lv 1

A much more simple answer would be to include structure, zhang/quark/model #s on the screen as a permanent resident of the client display. My lack of good vision makes these 2 seconds display totally lacking in information quality. If it is important, then display it like it is important.

Hanto_FZ140E_4G Lv 1

I am increasing priority and at least a 30-45 second display is needed for those of us with vision problems, otherwise the information has NO quality for people with vision disabilities.