Can you post some more puzzles for next week?

Started by jeff101

jeff101 Lv 1

Right now, it looks like between 12/22 and 1/2, there will only be one open non-beginner puzzle, puzzle 824, which only has 44 amino acids. Would it be possible to post more puzzles that we can work on next week? You can give them deadlines later in January so that people won't feel compelled to play them over the Holidays.


beta_helix Staff Lv 1

Thanks for your feedback, Jeff!

There will be more puzzles posted, CASP ROLL Target R0044 with server models for example (that one has a lot more than 44 amino acids ;-)

and we'll post some others as well, but will make sure to extend their puzzle deadlines into the New Year.

Wipf Lv 1

Looks like this topic should long have been closed as it was about one specific week in 2013.