Best score of the current track should be displayed somewhere on the GUI

Started by jakbinimbol

jakbinimbol Lv 1

I have difficulty tracking the progress of a track since the only thing I see is the best score on the board (most probably made by a different track). If you are doing manual, you have to restore best score and destroy what you are doing. Of course I can save before I restore best score, but that seems like a primitive way. It is also difficult when running scripts because some scripts do not display current best score. So I have to do long addition, or stop the script and restore best, then run the script again which would kill a lot of time because some scripts need long start ups. It also takes time to know which client is doing the best score on the board, if you are running several clients, with different tracks of the same puzzle. Maybe we could put the best score of the current track somewhere on the top right of the GUI, to the left of the scoreboard. It is the most unused place I can think of. It would really help if it can be done.