Attaching rubber bands on the side of the sheets

Started by AlexBiohazardous

AlexBiohazardous Lv 1

The game mechanincs doesn't view a sheet as a two sides structure so you can't choose ''sides'' when you want to bring a sheet residue and another residue together.The game will always choose the shortest way,even if it means ruining your result.

I propose a 4-points sheet residue where you can connect a rubber band either on the two ''big'' sides or the two ''small'' sides(the latter ones will help with the bonding between two sheets,essentially bringing them on the same plane)

brow42 Lv 1

I like this idea, although I'm not really understanding the suggestion. I have my own, that bands should be able to attach to acceptor/donors in cartoon, or any, view mode, if Show acceptor donors is checked. The downside is that people already find bands too sticky and ending up in the wrong spot.

Alex, you can band to the sides of the sheets, but to do this, you need to go into atom view. Ctrl Shift V is the shortcut I think. Be sure to go into options and select advanced view options, so that you can change the view settings. I think Ctrl Shift M gets you back to cartoon mode.

The default band length is more suited to banding the carbons between sheets. If you band acceptors to donors, you need to shorten them.