Advanced tutorials

Started by AsDawnBreaks

AsDawnBreaks Lv 1

There are many functions that aren't in the tutorials, like scripts, cut points, idealize, symmetry, etc. Could we have a second suite of tutorials explaining these? You could move some of the later existing tutorials that talk about specialized functions there too, as it would probably reduce how overwhelming the amount of tutorials is.

jflat06 Staff Lv 1

We definitely plan on having tutorials for these (some of them are already at least partially covered). It's just a matter of getting around to them at this point.

AsDawnBreaks Lv 1

Great! What do you think of my idea of splitting some of these into a separate category? All of the tutorials might seem overwhelming for some.

Btw, will you need any info on what needs to be covered and/or creation of content? I may be able to dig some stuff up on the wiki for you, or maybe see if anyone in global would like to help…

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

When new tutorials arrive, please notice the veterans also.

I observed that new players are very good on hand folding and designing in New Chapter. Is that an effect of better tutorials? or simply because they could learn with the same tutorials but the new environment?

I feel veterans need to go back to tutorials. May be mark as 'done' the tutorials you have already done, so that we can easily identify the new or changed ones?