Website Update!

Started by jflat06

jflat06 Staff Lv 1

Hey everyone,

We just updated the website with some fixes and changes:

  • Recipes now have 3 share states - self, group, and published/public. A published/public recipe can no longer be edited, though anyone can make a clone and continue editing it as a self/group shared recipe. The script writer will be given a warning when publishing a recipe to the public detailing this. Players can count on public recipes remaining the same in their recipe library.
  • Players now must log in through the game first before they can make recipes, groups, or user profiles. This is intended to cut down the remaining avenues for spammers (their forum posts were already hidden by default until they are approved).
  • Puzzle ranks are shown on user/group pages when available.
  • Ties on leaderboards are now handled properly.
  • The maximum achievable points are shown on the puzzle page.
  • Group recipes now should show up appropriately in recipe list views.

jflat06 Staff Lv 1

You should see "Max Points" underneath the 'Expires' field. To clarify, this is the maximum number of leaderboard points that can be awarded after the puzzle closes.