New Update

Started by jflat06

jflat06 Staff Lv 1

Hey everyone,

We've just released the changes that were in the developer preview into the main game. The following features and bug fixes were added:

General -

  • A profanity filter has been added for the in-game chat
  • A language selector is now available on the login screen, allowing you to choose a translation
  • When posting a screenshot to chat, the contents of the chat windows is now blanked out

Cutpoints -

  • The cut tool is now available in the Selection Interface by selecting 2 adjacent residues.

Bug Fixes -

  • The "Disable Network Timeouts" option on the login page will now remember its value
  • The Windows client wasn't closing handles properly - should be fixed
  • Fixed a bug in the Mac client where keypresses were sometimes being duplicated, resulting in double-paste and double-undos (among other things)
  • Non-ASCII characters should be supported better

Please note that this update contains some features which are needed to play the latest Flu puzzle, so be sure to update!