Soloist score error? 2nd try.

Started by kret

kret Lv 1

I've reposted this. I've put it under Troubleshooting & Bugs before and it was gone. Well not gone, but didn't appear anywhere. So I've decided to post it under Forum. Link to the topic: Sorry if I made some kind of mess..


I've got one question. Before ending Mini-CASP Puzzles, I had 540-550 points (~80 place in global rank), or something around that. Now my score is 439 and I'm on 103 place?! Is this normal? If no, where are my points?

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As I noted on the feedback tracker, this has been fixed.

As to your second question, that may be a problem with game-server communications. We thought it had been fixed, but if you're sure you were running the latest version, please report it as a bug on the feedback tracker.

admin Staff Lv 1

Sorry, I thought you were referring to the bug where the link to the soloist scoreboard disappeared.

As to the other thing, I saw your feedback entry and we'll respond.

kret Lv 1

No problem ;)

Ok, so we can close this I think, because it will move to the feedback tracker probably.