soloist/evolver problem

Started by cassandra87

cassandra87 Lv 1

During the server downtime, I saved a solution, then loaded it. Now, my high score for the puzzle is shown as an evolver, even though the only solution I evolved was my own! My soloist score for the same puzzle is much lower. Is there any way to fix this?



admin Staff Lv 1

I'm afraid not. It's a measure to prevent cheating. You could have saved to the server and loaded from there, but not if you worked on it offline. Sorry.

cassandra87 Lv 1

Okay - then here's another question. When I open up my local Foldit, it says that my best as a soloist on that puzzle was 9367 - is there a way for me to get back to that solution?

infjamc Lv 1

You can go to Open/Share Solutions and check "Show auto and quick saves." There is probably a solution called "Autosaved Very Best Solist Solution" with a score of 9367. Load it, and you're done. (Of course, it never hurts to save a copy.)