Solo and Evolver scores?

Started by NewZealand

NewZealand Lv 1

I have just noticed spvincent has the same score in both solo and evolver ?

9908 - Is this a mistake or is it possible to compete in both with the same puzzle without adding anymore points to it from another player?

This doesn't make sense, so just pointing it out.

Well done Mr SPV btw !!!! 104 puzzle.

Bozonik Lv 1

Could be he got to 9908 through evolving, and then pushed his solo entry up to the same score later?

spvincent Lv 1

Well I got 9008 standing on teammates shoulders but my individual score is way lower at 9484. I do notice that DisposableHeart, whose solo score of 9000 I improved upon by 8, has now increased his own score also to 9008: is that the source of the confusion?

NewZealand Lv 1

And That would be a nice feature if we could take the points as credit for the original puzzle we made, that others contributed to too. but If it's a winning one!

oh, but then it would be also be like, if just a few of us took credit for everyone elses hard work and called it all our own.

Here's where I need some kind of guideline or moral belief system to try and understand what is the goal of the game for everyone.

Thanks !