Sock's Lab Special on #FolditFriday

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Hey Folders,

I'm holding a special stream tomorrow aimed at onboarding anybody new with Foldit so that they can tackle the Aflatoxin puzzle! I will also Twitch Highlight the broadcast so that it doesn't auto-expire and also export it to my spare YouTube channel for future reference.

For those looking to catch it live however, I wanna get some feedback; What time (Pacific time) would be good for you folks? I have anywhere ranging from 3 PM Pacific all the way into the evening or even late night if push comes to shove. The stream is expected to last 3 hours, and while nobody is certainly obligated to stay the whole stream especially since this will definitely be archived, I wanna get a sense of when viewership is most likely to be active so that I can answer questions, explain some of the science, and other things.

I also opened a poll on my Twitter so those results will be combined with those here so that I can announce what time I'll be streaming tomorrow here and on my Twitter.

Thanks for your input and I hope to see you in the lab soon!

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