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Some weeks ago I put in a feedback to foldit requesting a Tree-like save structure so we can see where our saves came from, but they have yet to enact it, so in the meantime I've written a SaveTree app version 4.4 (source code), based on the HTML Treeview API written by Conor O'Mahony under GNUv3 License 2011.

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The SaveTree app allows you to map your saves into a tree menu structure in order to better manage your foldit projects.

While working be careful not to refresh the page!

To remove a node just click to edit it, and leave it empty.

TreeView - Save Trees
TreeView - Save Trees

You can save your work as a JPL file, and then save to a file for reuse.

Treeview saves your tree structure as a serialized JPL Tree node object. The Treeview project can also import JPL code.

You can also enable the save as XML option:

Inside the top <folder> element, just insert the name space tag - xmlns="",
and you will have a valid XML file

<folder value="Tree Options" xmlns="">

Mouse click

Add as many notes and folders as you want.

JPL output:
TreeNode("0.0","Tree Options")
TreeNode("1.3","Tiny pic of New York City")

equivalent XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<folder value="Tree Options" xmlns="">
<folder value="9932.764">
<node value="10482.342" />
<node value="Tiny pic of New York City" />
<node value="Washington" />
<folder value="8764.011">
<node value="8856.011" />
<node value="10486.801" />

..It's a nice way to retrace your work, and a quick way to generate XML files.