Rewards from folding

Started by Tlaloc

Tlaloc Lv 1

I have been thinking about the rewards from folding in foldit. I think they are too short-term. I also think there should be a few more things being rewarded.

Currently there are a few things that foldit rewards:

While a puzzle is running, your soloist and group rank give you feedback on how you are doing against everyone else. You have the envy of those below you, and the gloating of those above you.

You have your soloist score overall, for the month, and for the week.

You have your evolver score overall, for the month, and for the week.

The overall score is somewhat misleading because they are not for all time. After four months, all previous progress on puzzles scrolls off. If you take a four month break from folding, you have exactly the same score as someone who just found the game. You even get to play the beginner puzzles again and kick the actual beginners around.

Since the rewards of folding are short term, I think there should be several things added:

  • I think for any puzzle you should be able to get a bitmap that says something like: tlaloc ranked #3 on foldit puzzle 342: CASP 9 puzzle 34. This bitmap should be hosted on the foldit servers. HTML should be provided that shows the bitmap and hyperlinks back to the foldit web site. This would allow people to post this to their profile on other web sites. This would lead more new people to the foldit web site as well as providing a permanent badge for the person who did well.

There are rewards for folding, but few rewards for scripting.

  • On your profile page it doesn't list the scripts you have created. It doesn't list the rank of those scripts, or anything else. The profile page should show the scripts that someone has authored with their ranking.

There should be a competition to create and publicly publish good scripts

  • Just like scoring for soloist and evolvers, there should be a ranking of scripts and script writers. For this to work, the scripts need to be objectively scored from the improvement they give to the score. A stopped script cannot count since it may not leave the score in an acceptable place, so only scripts that run to completion should be counted.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

…this sounds good, a ranking of script-writers.
There could be a section in recipes which sorts the recipes how often they were used and by score impact.
And yes, the score impact needs some work.

There are some scripts which run very long (or infinite), or they do much change in the beginning, and at the end they are just collecting score-crumbs.
My suggestion is to check, how much the "very best" score did change before and after running a script.
And, not only showing an average but also a peak value of score change.

In addition, there are some scripts, which don't directly do some change at the puzzle itself, but are useful to create recipes (for example your lua-translation of the random number (MWC)-routine).
Such functions can't be evaluated by the score they create, only by user rating.

Okay, user-rating is always some kind of subjective, but I've seen better rating models than the current.
The x-star-rating for example has some flaws (on youtube, it was disestablished), pro and con rating is too coarse TMO.
Relative rating could help, but this would take more time for the users.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

I'd generally divide the scripts into running scripts and just functions on the internet-page, because of two reasons:

1:For running scripts, you can use the score-change they create as measurement of how good they are, functions are excluded and can be rated separately.
2:Separating running scripts and functions would help to load the functions into a library, as soon as this feature will be available.

I think, you agree, that it is time-consuming and creating big scripts which are hard-to-look-at, if you have to include all "basic" functions like math functions time and again if you create a new script.

Not only a GUI-recipe- and a Lua-script-section, but a function library in the game could help, but this should be another thread.

xiando Lv 1

A suggestion was made a long time ago to create competition for scripters.

However, having said that, since the game is now dominated both in solo human competition and in its development path by and for scripters, I'm not all that sure there's any point. You've alrady changed the paradigm to one that is little removed from fold-it-at-home