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Dear All,
I'm working in a structural biology lab in Trieste (Italy).
On september there will be the RESEARCHERS' NIGHT (27th), and all our lab would like to use foldit
to better describe to the audience our work, what are our studies in a funny way.
We are cosidering in leave the people challenge each other in solving a certain numerb of selected "easy" structure.
I'm wondering if is possible to do it offline or with an intranet connection?
To you have any suggestion in how to organize those kind of situation?
Thank For the help

katfish Staff Lv 1

What an interesting usage case. Sounds like a blast!

You can play offline by following these steps. However please be aware that we can't guarantee that your structures will be successfully reported to the servers while using this method. I'd recommend playing while connected to the internet if at all possible.

Hope this helps!