Research on Foldit players - some results

Started by Pixiemama

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Hi everybody,

Some of you may remember a few years back, a PhD student from the UK posted a survey that asked Foldit players about why they play, and their general thoughts and feelings about the game. I was researching online citizen science projects and why and how people participated.

Last year I submitted my thesis (sucessfully) and have recently had a paper published in the journal Science Communication that is based on my findings for Foldit players. I have produced a summary of those results in case any of you are interested. I notice that quite a few who took part in my research are still here! If anybody would like a copy of this summary, please email me at (I can't upload a Word document to the forum) and I'll send you a copy.

Many thanks to all those who participated and gave me such wonderful feedback.

Vickie / Pixiemama

inkycatz Lv 1

Thanks so much for the generous offer! (You may want to edit your message and encourage folks to PM you instead - don't want you to get hit by spammers!)

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

And congratulation for your PhD !

It's motivating to see that we serve also other research (not only biology) !

I asked you a copy by mail (indeed, it would be more safe to let us only contacting you by PM first). Hopefully you'll be able to make it available on internet in the future.

Best wishes and welcome to any other research or in game playing !

kalls Lv 1

Indeed Vickie's research is fascinating. I especially loved chapter 8. By the way, would you mind if I were to borrow your survey questions? I'm doing a similar research with ResearchPaperWritings (for ref I think conducting the survey based on your questions would benefit our research. Also, should I cite where I took these survey questions (if I were to mention them in my research)? Or such a thing isn't considered to be plagiarism, is it?

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The best way to contact players for things like this is general via private message, which you can do by clicking on their name. :)

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

can be cited without permission (but of course, the author would be pleased if you contact her before). Just put her work in your bibliography and quote the original author and year in the results and/or questionnaire. It's recommended to use existing questions to make the results comparable.