Report from Dev Meeting #2

Started by Rav3n_pl

Rav3n_pl Lv 1

Ok, it was longest conversation in English i ever made… Typing is way easier to me (thx for dictionary!).
I hope they not made a group rofl after chat! :D

Most of chat was about tools we have/we will have. There are all good news:

  • accuracy sliders will be back :) Yes, this is a good news because they will back AFTER CASP so no worry about (in)stability of the client or scripts that will (not)work
  • my favorite and most wanted "cut there" tool will be soon in selection interface, it should be usable in almost all puzzles, not only threading ones
  • we will have slider/switch to change/disable strength of cut point pull force. It will allow us easier manipulation on protein that is cut in many pieces
  • clashing slider scale will be changed, in way that we will have more usable area. Low settings will be more drastic for wiggle/shake
  • we will have possibility to lock part in space - "pin tool", "nail tool" or whatever name it will have also will help us make nicer proteins. We also talk about dragging frozen parts.

We talk about "wiggle lock" that kill last 555 puzzle, looks like problem is resolved (some thing in puzzle setup - lock+dimmer) and it hopefully will not happen again!

BUT. There was no time line and any date. Only sliders as "after CASP" and cut there tool as "soon". So be patient!

Devs are happy for all we write in feedbacks, so use them. Use them wisely :) Search… then post. :P

If I miss something I hope beta_helix or someone from staff will fill gaps.

Now back to folding! We have CASP to win!