offline vs online

Started by filippis

filippis Lv 1

Hi all,

I am really newbie here. I wonder if there is any real difference between running client in offline or online mode. Is any of the calculations like wiggle/rebuild/shake being done on the server side? Is it correct that connection to the server is mainly needed for the final points, chat and saving solutions?

Many thanks for your help.


Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

Server is only for recording points, chat and sharing solutions.
Client does all the rest including saving (on local computer). If you want to share between different clients/PCs or to save a backup on the server, "share with yourself" on the server.

=> Folder will continue working if the connection is broken. You can load a puzzle (necessarily on-line), break the connection going on travel with your laptop, come back and connect again to get ranked.

BUT if you start to work off-line, you'll be limited in getting official credit of your points(for security reasons). You'll only be able to work on previously saved or loaded solutions, and on teaching puzzles. You'll not be able to be ranked in the Soloist list, even after connecting to the server. But there is a way to be recognized for your wonderful result:

-save your solution (locally)
-quit Foldit
-run Foldit and play on-line
-load your saved solution
-evolve it (get at least 2 points more)
-share it to your group => here only, you'll be credited, but only in the evolvers ranking.