Need help to add recipes under Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver

Started by FatFreddysDrop

FatFreddysDrop Lv 1

Hey guys!

As stated in the subject, I need help to add recipes to the cookbook. My Ubuntu PC runs the Windows Version of Foldit with the Wine Emulator. So I guess this is the reason why there happens nothing when clicking "add to cookbook".

So maybe someone had the same problems or you run the Linux distribution of Foldit. If latter, I might need help to get this one working on my machine.

Thanks in advance,

Happy folding

LociOiling Lv 1

The "add to cookbook" button on a recipe's webpage is one way to get the recipe. For "add to cookbook" to work, you must be logged into the Foldit website, and you must be playing online in Foldit with the same userid.

"Add to cookbook" somehow uses the Foldit chat connection to get the recipe into the cookbook. Chat can be a little problematic.

The "browse/download shared recipes" icon in the cookbook is the other way to get recipes. It's the blue "network folder" icon between the "notepad" icon and the "DOS prompt" icon. If you're connected to chat, it opens the Recipes page on the Foldit website. The "add to cookbook" button should work in that case.

If you're not in chat, "browse/download shared recipes" lets you enter the recipe number. This is the "ID" on the recipe's webpage, and it's also the last part of the recipe's URL, the "node number".

See Cookbook on the Foldit wiki for more.