Local foldit training or classes?

Started by raybero

raybero Lv 1

Are there by chance any local training seminars or group meetings? I happen to live in the Seattle area and thought it might be very helpful for beginners if there was a way to get some basics from more experienced users/gamers.

I have spent a lot of time working on a couple of puzzles over the last couple of days with not much to show for the effort. Based on some of the scores I'm seeing others get I assume it has to be easier then I'm experiencing. :) I'm hoping an hour with someone that is much better then me might actually go along way. I'll buy the pizza…


Tlaloc Lv 1

There isn't one. But there could be. I know that there are several of us in the area. I know in the past the Baker Lab has flown a lot of people in to film them playing foldit. They would probably like to get some of us as guinea pigs at some point, too, without the expense of flying people around.

Any other Seattle area people interested in a get together some time?